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Mister Mister | Made-to-Measure Menswear

30 Jun 2020

Mister Mister is a made-to-measure menswear brand. 

Born from the desire to make beautiful and honest menswear shared with a vision and passion for tailoring - they create everyday working garments with the goal of remaking the classic to create the modern man's uniform.

Approaching garments in a different way. Evolving and adapting what has come before in order to allow you to make it your own. They believe your clothes are an extension of your lifestyle. It is always best to wear something appropriate: when you're comfortable and confident, people notice. 

Garments are made using a blend of traditional and modern production techniques with each and every garment made from a personalised pattern crafted especially for your body.

The Mister Mister house style is a combination of texture and tone rather than pattern and colour. Mister Mister believes that your made to measure pieces will provide the building blocks of a timeless wardrobe. 


Mister Mister's made for you service helps you design your perfect style and fitting garment. Made, designed and produce one at a time. This works to both ensure they develop the correct garment for you, whilst minimising waste and unwanted goods into the global environment.  

Daniel Narvaez, Mister Mister's Founder, believes that function and form must travel true through each and every piece made, as such each garment is developed with this in mind - minimal waste and a considered wardrobe.



A wedding should be celebrated and enjoyed. It is a chance to step out of your day to day and make yourselves feel special.

Mister Mister can help you design and make a custom garment especially for this special day, not only will you feel special but you'll be able to enjoy it comfortably in an outfit, fit just for you.

Dress the whole wedding party. Grooms and groomsmen, suits, shirts or jackets. Mister Mister work tirelessly to design an outfit, fitting for the day.

Book an appointment and allow Daniel and the team to help you, for your special day.

Mister Mister | Shop 126, Level 2 | Open Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 4pm and Saturdays, 11am - 3pm.