There's A Story Here

130 Years of Unlikely Like-Minds

To celebrate 130 years of The Strand Arcade, we turn our attention to the talented and unlikely like-minds it attracts. Uncovering the similarities of our diverse artisans and fashionable retailers, we discover their commonalities and shared values in creating things of craft that last.

It's An Experience

Akira Isogawa, Akira
Peter Cooke, The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine

“When you're at The Strand Arcade, you feel as if you are in another era or another place. You forget the fact that you're in Sydney.

It's perfect for a day-dreamer.”

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One of a Kind

Andrew McDonald, Andrew Mcdonald Shoemaker
Daniel Narvaez, Mister Mister

“You’re getting something made for you. It’s custom. It’s you, one-of-one, your personality, your character.

We blend a mix of traditional and modern production techniques, however a lot of what we do is still done by hand.”

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Extra-Ordinary Things

Nina Cueva, Courtesy of the artist
paul mendels, the nut shop

“What makes us unique is our offering. What we curate, display, create and sell can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s incredibly unique and individual.”


Mark of Quality


“Quality for us is number one. It’s at the heart of our brands. It’s our trademark.

Our customers expect that from us and we expect it from ourselves.”

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Devil in the Detail

Joseph Akelian, Raphael Jewellers
Nino Zoccali, The Restaurant Pendolino

“Attention to detail is critical. It’s the detail that makes a real difference with the quality.

Everything we make is hand-made from scratch in The Strand Arcade. From jewellery to breads to pastas.”

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