Rox Gems and Jewellery
Rox Gems and Jewellery

Rox Gems and Jewellery

Location: Shop 31, Ground Floor

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ROX Jewels are best described as classic contemporary.

Inspired by thousands of years of beauty in design and nature, they are created for and adored by the modern woman. They suit the lifestyles of women today and endure beyond trends. They balance strength with femininity, and are made to be treasured and handed down through generations. The creations on offer at ROX are colourful, distinctive and sophisticated.

ROX pieces are either literally one of a kind, or created as part of a limited collection. This is part of the undying appeal of ROX jewellery, the opportunity to own a truly unique piece which reflects our own individuality.

Each piece is carefully created with love and respect to the incredible natural gemstones they contain. They are designed in Australia, created in Australia, and support many highly skilled local craftsmen and women.

ROX Gems and Jewellery operate with fairness, and have a unique ethos. Each collection and creation at ROX is born from a different seed of inspiration. You will find elements of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Persian, Vintage, Naturalistic, Mogul and Contemporary, all combined and balanced with absolute intention to create unique, sophisticated jewels.

Although you may not have stepped inside the door, if you live or work in Sydney chances are that you or someone you know has spent time gazing through the elaborate ROX window, into the menagerie of treasures