Australian Beauty Flourishes

In an aesthetic ode to the beauty of the Australian landscape, the Strand Arcade is adorned in a specially commissioned installation of Christmas decorations inspired by native flowers.

The beautiful, oversized, blossoming eucalyptus branches float from the ornate ceiling.

Each branch stands at an impressive 3.5 metres tall; 9.8 metres long and vertically spans multiple levels of the arcade. The hanging installations feature a combined count of 10 acrylic green leaves, 6 red budding flowers and whimsical golden gumnuts that are brought to life with cascading lights.

The installation will be illuminated throughout the holiday season with the help of more than 3,500 individual twinkling Christmas lights that cover each of the ornaments from tip to toe.

These speculator sculptures celebrate the Strand Arcade’s steep Australian history, through utilising inspiration from native flora and fauna artfully blended with beautiful modernity.

Join us now and see them in person at The Strand Arcade.