The Strand, my Nan, Mum & Me

By Barbara Anne Byrne

My Nan always told stories of Going to Town and visiting the Strand Arcade which was a must visit place. When I was young she always took me there and I also fell in love with her Special Place. Uncanningly when I was just a Teen my Mum got a job in a Jewellers Shop on the 1st Floor of the Strand Arcade - so it seemed like The Strand had forever entwined in my life. When I started work I visited the Shop every other day in my lunch break to watch and marvel at beautiful jewellery being made and have from then on appreciated the skill and patience of the skilled artisons to create works of artfor people. When I got engaged and married it was such a thrill to watch my own rings being created. Every day looking at my rings - and forever - will have the loveliest endearing memories of The Strand Arcade - my Nan, my Mum and the Jewellery Shop - all wrapped together with The Strand ❤