Oyster x Strand Arcade

WE ARE THE MAKERS: ‘A Common Thread’

In 2015 we were delighted to partner with the leading Australian lifestyle publication - Oyster Magazine. This unique collaboration was the next evolution in the WE ARE THE MAKERS series. Each month we welcomed Oyster influencers to explore the intricate making process behind the fashion and bespoke works that the Arcade is infamous for. We discovered the playful personalities, untold stories of the arcade’s artisans and designers and exposed how this unique creative community is connected.


Episode Eleven: A Common Thread

The core of LIFEwithBIRD is to create beautifully constructed leather goods and effortless, contemporary clothing. Come behind the scenes with Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner and discover where the label's collections are developed and created.

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Episode Ten: Luxury Basics

At the core of Skin and Threads is a commitment to Australian luxury fabrics. Come behind the brand with Emma Gathercole, one half of the founding duo, and uncover their ethos originating from the very beginning in Melbourne.

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Episode Nine: Attention to Detail

Enter into the world of Megan Park where minutiae detail plays hero in a celebration of the handcrated. From beginnings in embroidery design for the likes of Kenzo and Dries Van Noten we uncover the core of her drive.

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Episode Eight: Creating for the Individual

Though we know all too well the talents Nadia Neuman holds as as a designer, creating custom designs we can only dream of! We did not know that she tried everything in her power to stay out of this loved family business?

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Episode Seven: Signature Silhouettes

We couldn't help but be intrigued by a woman who handles more silk and glitter in a day than most of us will ever see in our whole lives! We spent the day with the glamorous Amy Taylor to find out how to create a showstopper.

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Episode Six: Unexpected Detail

We've ventured into the Strand Arcade once again to bring you the behind-the-scenes stories of the makers within its walls. This time the spotlight shines on sisters Cheryl and Gabrielle Manning, two out of three of the women behind iconic Aussie label Manning Cartell.

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