Bespoke Services

Suit Shop

Suit Shop's bespoke suiting is a simple process beginning with a complimentary appointment with one of their experienced tailors at your place or at the Strand Arcade store.

Unlike others, Suit Shop insist on in-person fittings because it takes an experienced eye to achieve the “ideal fit” – the delicate balance between comfort and aesthetics. In this 45 minute session, they will take your measurements, discuss your style preferences and answer any and all questions about your suit, accessories and next steps.

4421SH0021095d6f33ff8041ee99650cbf99447be520140519070626420Depending on your taste for customisation, you can choose just about every part of your suit. From the cloth and lapel, to pockets, buttons and lining, there are over a million possible combinations. On the other hand, if you prefer the hands-off approach or simply aren’t that familiar with the ins and outs of suits, the Suit Shop experts can advise and recommend on the most suitable combinations to create a balanced, strong and uncomplicated look. It’s up to you.

With your measurements taken and style chosen, Suit Shop's experienced production team get to work creating your suit by hand. In a few weeks your suit will be ready.

Approximately four to six weeks from your fitting, and depending on the specific details you selected, your suit is ready for pickup, complete with a protective bag. If required, they'll also make any final adjustments to ensure an impeccable finish.

Visit Suit Shop at Shop 127, Level 2