Bespoke Services

Mister Mister Made-to-Measure

Mister Mister’s made-to-measure program is available exclusively in their studio at Strand Arcade, offering a made-to-measure suiting, shirt and denim service.

Begin your Mister Mister journey by designing your perfect garment. You can pick your ideal cut, and colour from an assortment of fabrics. Personalise your garment by choosing finer details such as lapel, buttons, cuffs and pockets with the option of having your garment monogrammed. The pieces you choose to make are made specifically for you - using a custom pattern that is developed from your measurements. Each piece is individually hand finished.

Mister Mister hi-shirt-collar

Mister Mister hi-hanging-denim 

The Mister Mister experience starts with an initial consultation, which is then followed by a fitting when your made-to-measure garment has arrived.

Please allow approximately four to six weeks for your made-to-measure suit and two to three weeks for your shirt or denim piece to be crafted.

All Mister Mister suits are carefully made from the finest wool, while shirts are made from 100% cotton and denim made from Japanese selvedge.

Visit Mister Mister at Shop 126, Level 2