AW’18 Feel the Night

Fashion ignites all of the senses.
But what happens when we choose to indulge just one?

As the days get cooler, and the nights longer, we value dressing by the feel of fabric, its weight and texture on our skin.

This was explored further by asking what happens when you shop purely by feel?

To launch the new AW'18 collections at the Strand Arcade, fibre artist and textile expert Tammy Kanat was invited to trust her sense of touch above all others and shop the Strand Arcade at night - led by the feel of the garments.

Tammy was guided through the Ground floor of the Strand Arcade at night as she felt her way through the new AW'18 collections. Stopping to really feel the individual garments, she relied on her sense of touch to select her favourite pieces.

"When I heard about the idea of shopping by feel I thought it would be interesting and fun. The experience was much more than I expected. It made me realise how powerful our senses are. When one sense is not available the other senses can compensate." Tammy Kanat


We recorded her experience using both ultra low-light lenses and thermal imaging technology to capture her experience – an unusual yet bold approach.


Tammy's final selections were then curated into six unique outfits by Emma Kalfus, Elle Australia contributing fashion editor.


Watch Tammy's journey and follow us to discover Tammy's final AW'18 selections here.

Creative Director – Dylan Duclos
Music Composition - Jonny Higgins
Photographer – Natasha Foster
Stylist – Emma Kalfus