Meet Sloan Peterson

Find out more about Sydney's Sloan Peterson; the voice and the storyteller behind '105'.


As we like to foster the latest in fashion and design, it seemed only fitting that we collaborated with up and coming musician Sloan Peterson to launch our very first Interactive Fashion Video.

With a bright future ahead and interest already from Triple J, Spotify and Apple's Beats 1, she's sure to grow in popularity here and overseas.

Influenced by everything from Elvis, to Latin legend Xavier Cugat or the fashion statements of Nancy Sinatra and Bowie - Sloan Peterson is the sum of these influences that adds up to so much more.

Watch this space! 

View '105' the Interactive Fashion Video


What Sloan says about 105

''I wrote 105 pretty absentmindedly at the time with not really any idea in particular during a band rehearsal at the beginning of 2015. At the time I don't think I even knew if the 105 was an actual highway or street at all, ha!.

But the last verse was written about a lost lover of mine, who clearly lacked emotion and devotion, making my life at that period a little painful.

It was a natural development of words from my heart; a sense of having some one but not really having them at all, trying to figure out all the question marks that go around relationships.''